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It’s the worst feeling in the world when you are looking forward to your holiday, but are dreading having to put your dog in the kennel. Even the best kennels are home to dog fights, constant barking, a lack of exercise, and small pens. 

Why not let Happy Hounds look after your dog while you’re away? We’d love to take of your dog, and you know that while your away sunning yourselves, hitting the slopes, or sight seeing, your four legged friend will be in a home;y environment, with only ever one or two other dogs.

The other benefit is that your dog is living with Happy Hounds for the duration of your stay, so they have amazing fun with all the other dogs, and can join them on their walks. You will also have the opportunity for your dog to have some grooming done; so while you’re at the Spa, your dog can be too!
There is nothing better than knowing that your dog is staying local, in a family environment, and they will be looked after in exactly the way you would expect them to be. So if you are planning a trip, and are looking for a great dog boarding service in Winchester, look no further than Happy Hounds, dog boarding Winchester