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At Happy Hounds, we understand the importance of a dog’s nutrition. Just like your own diet, you dog requires a steady balance of nutrients, from all of the food groups. By having a balanced diet, you can be assured that your dog is receiving all the nutrients that he or she needs, and that your pet has the best chance of being healthy. 

Over the past few years it has become increasingly more important to ensure that your dog is receiving its nutrition from reputable sources that provide the best products. At happy Hounds we believe that you can tell when a dog has a healthy diet, from the energy they have, to the colour and shine of their coat. 

With pet nutrition being very important to us, Happy Hounds have teamed up with several specialist organic and natural dog food manufacturers. We only supply the best brands in the business, and the food we sell is all responsibly sourced, and manufactured to exceptional quality standards.

Some of the main benefits of organic and natural dog food include

Dogs that suffer from skin allergies are often left with dry skin, after shampoos and conditioners used to combat allergic reactions dry out the skin. In many circumstances, the health of the dogs skin is directly related to the nutrition and vitamins they receive in their diet. The organic dog food that Happy Hounds recommend is high in protein and filled with nutrients and vitamins, and is free of any artificial colourings, flavour enhancers, and chemical additives; all of which are bed for your dogs health.

Your dogs digestion system is sensitive, and that’s why it is important to provide your dog with the diet that it is biologically designed to have. Dogs are natural predators, and therefore they require a diet that is high in protein, and has an abundance of nutritional value. Organic food does not contain any bulk fillers, or chemical enhancers, so your dog only consumes food it can effectively digest. You will notice that your dog will have greatly improved digestion, and be much less prone to gas, bloating, and vomiting.

It goes without saying that a dog with a healthy diet, has a much stronger immune system. Eating organic food filled with vitamins, your dog is receiving all the nutrition it needs to fight infections, and illness. Because organic dog food is easily digestible, your pet will absorb all of the nutrients in the food, with less being wasted.

One of the most desirable things about changing your dog over to an organic dog food is that they contain no bi-products. If you look closely on the dog food in your local supermarket, you fill find a list of ingredients as long as your arm. Many of these bi products include chicken by-product, meal, corn, and corn gluten. These are not things you would want to eat, so you shouldn’t be feeding it to your dog. Always check the label on your dog food, and stay away from ‘additives’, ‘preservatives’, and ‘artificial flavourings’.

As you are well aware organic food is not a cheap option, but that’s not why you buy it, you buy it for its nutritional benefit. Just like we could eat fast food for half the price of a decent salad at a good restaurant, you dog food is no different. The big benefit however, is that although the price is higher than main brand dog food, organic food can be consumed in smaller quantities, and still provide all the daily nutrient requirement your dog needs. So although you’ll be paying more on your dogs weekly shopping bill, you’ll find it will last much longer.

What every dog owner wants is for their dog to be healthy, and live a long life. We find that the quality of a dogs diet directly correlates to the quality of the food they eat. We find that our dogs that are on organic dog food maintain a good weight, have a healthy coat, better wellbeing, and best of all have bags of energy.

If you are interested in learning more about organic dog food, or you would like to place an order, please click on the brand logos below, to see the full range of products that we stock.


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