Dog Grooming

Happy Hounds offers a professional dog grooming service with our Level 3 City & Guilds qualified dog groomer. Just one dog is in the grooming room at any time which provides a quiet, calm and relaxed atmosphere for all of the hairy hounds who visit us. We understand that every dog is different so we can tailor our grooming to suit both dog and owner, whether it be a breed standard trim or a relaxing facial!


Puppy Pamper

It is important to introduce your puppy to the grooming process when they are young so they get used to the sounds, smells and sights of the grooming room. Our puppy pamper is the perfect choice for a gentle introduction to grooming and includes a health check, bath, warm fluff dry, ear clean, face & feet tidy up, nail trim and a spritz of our puppy cologne. From £25.


Wash & Go

Does your dog love to wallow in dirty puddles? Do you find hair rolling around your house like tumbleweed? The Wash & Go package is the ideal solution for many dogs; the long haired ones who struggle to stay knot-free in between their full grooms, the constantly shedding short haired ones or the double coated ones who need that dead undercoat removed. Included is a deep clean with our natural shampoo and conditioner, dry and brush out of knots, dead hair and matts. Price depends on size of dog, coat type and condition. Small breeds from £20. Medium from £25. Large from £30.


Full Groom

Take your dog from scruffy to fluffy with our full grooming package – included is a health check, bath with our natural shampoo & conditioner, warm fluff dry, clip to style of your choice or breed standard, ear clean, nail clip, nose & paw balm and a spritz of cologne- even add a facial for that proper spa day experience! Prices depend on coat type, size and coat condition so give us a call to discuss your pup!


Hand stripping

We offer a hand stripping service for those dogs whose coat is suitable – typically wire haired terriers and schnauzers. This method removes excess hair from the dog’s coat, and removes the hair from the root not just the top coat, from which a new coat can grow. From £40.