Dog Training

Coming Summer 2019

No one wants to be that person in the park chasing after their four legged family member, while they cause mischief taking no notice of your commands! Training your dog from an early age is vital, and good training from a young age can build the foundations for a happy and obedient dog. Our in house dog trainers are experienced and qualified to a high standard under the APDT accreditation.

They can take that naughty pup, and have them following commands in a short space of time, we can also teach them a few tricks to show of to their friends in the park. Our dog training courses are based in Winchester, Hampshire and are designed to effectively and efficiently train your dog to a high standard of obedience using positive reinforcement methods. See our courses below.


Puppy pre school!

This is a drop in class, run every Sunday morning for 1 hour between 10am – 11am. Come and enjoy a coffee and meet other local dog Mum and Dads in the area, whilst your pup gets to make new friends.


Primary school

The building blocks for a perfect pup. Those naughty rascals will run you ragged, but with our 8-week intensive course, our trainers will have them sitting, laying down, and trotting happily by your side.


Secondary school

Once they’ve mastered the basics, why not book your dog in to high school where they can expand on what they learnt, and develop their skills. There are also many more tricks to be learnt on this course, so you can show your pup off to other dog Mum and Dads!