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Training your dog may seem like a daunting task, but if you take the correct measures from a young age, your dog will grow up to be the perfect example of good behaviour. At happy hounds we take dog training very seriously, and we can guide you through all the necessary steps needed in order to take your training home with you, and spent all the time to train your dog at your own leisure. Our dog training courses include
  • Toilet Training (House Breaking)
  • How to control your dog on a lead.
  • Socialising
  • Basic commands and tricks
  • Behaviour training (Obedience)
  • Advance Training
  • Agility
No two dogs are the same, and that is why we specify training techniques to suit each breed of dog, and ensure that you learn a bespoke set of training skills that will be perfect for your dog, and that all the family can apply at home.
If you are interested in training your dog, you will be in safe hands with Happy Hounds. Our experienced dog trainers are all certified trainers, and have a wealth of experience when it comes to teaching your dog all the necessary skills they need to be the perfect pet.