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Everyone knows that dogs need exercise, and every dogs health and wellbeing benefits tremendously when they have long and regular walks. Not only do our walkers provide up to an hour of outdoor walking for your dog, but they also have the chance to socialise with many other dogs that walk with Happy Hounds.

We will collect your dog from your home and take them with the other dogs (approximately 4 dogs maximum per walk) to the start point of the walk. We alternate the areas that we take your dog to, in order to provide them with variety of surroundings, and some new smells! We also run 3 walks per day (sometimes 4 in summer) so if your dog is not available on their usual slot; chances are they can come along at a different time.

At Happy Hounds we only walk your dog in dog friendly areas, and routes that are recommended by the local council and forestry commission.

All of the dogs are provided with a tag on their collar when walking (which includes my mobile number, and address), so if they do stray off the route when walking, fellow walkers will know they are with Happy Hounds.

If you would like your dog to remain on the lead whilst on their walk, that is fine. If you think they should be muzzled; that’s not a problem. We group dogs based on their size, and social characteristics, so we always know that we will have a happy group of hounds!

So if you are looking for a friendly dog walking service in and around Winchester, Hampshire, contact Happy Hounds. You’d be barking mad not to!