With the number of Winchester residents who commute to London increasing year on year, the need for doggy day care has become more important than ever. For many dog owners, having a reliable service where their dog can stay each day, and receive plenty of walks, is paramount.

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One of the main benefits of doggy day care, is not only that your dog is receiving plenty of exercise, but also that they are socialising with other dogs all day. Frequent socialising will allow your dog to mix with other dogs, and establish themselves within a pack hierarchy, an invaluable skill which will improve how your dog integrates with other dogs it meets.

So why chose Happy Hounds for doggy day care in Winchester?

Happy Hounds are one Winchester’s main dog walking, and dog boarding company’s; however we have quickly built a reputation as one of the best doggy day care services in the area. Our day care centre is situated in Chilcomb in the South Downs, and from there our four legged clients get plenty of time enjoying the countryside on their many walks throughout the day.

Do you collect, or do I need to drop off.

If you live in Winchester, we can arrange to collect your dog in the morning, and drop of in the evening. For those who are further afield, we ask that you drop your dog off with us, and collect.

How many walks will my dog go on?

Your dog will have a minimum of one walk each day (45-1hr) however, typically our dogs staying with us for day care will go on two walks.

Will there be many dogs with them?

The number of dogs we can accommodate is limited to the number of carers at the centre, so we try and keep dog numbers below 10. However, you dog is likely to meet different dogs throughout the day who are boarding with happy hounds, or are just receivig dog walks.

How much does day care cost?

Day care currently costs £20 for a full day, and £15 for a half day.

If you are looking for doggy day care in Winchester, then Happy Hounds are the service for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we would be happy to discuss all aspects of our doggy day care service with you.