Dog Food & Nutrition

Choosing the correct food for your dog is one of the most important decisions you will ever make as a dog owner. A healthy and nutritional diet can not only eliminate common ailments dogs face, such as bad oral health (which causes bad breath), joint issues, itchy flaky skin, and poor coat condition; it also provides your dog with increased vitality and can ensure a longer and happier life for your dog.

At Happy Hounds we supply and deliver premium quality natural and organic dog foods, including RAW food from Nutriment who we act as the premium supplier in the area for. We have a policy that we only stock food brands who we can fully endorse, and who we would be happy to feed to our own dogs.


Nutriment RAW Dog Food

RAW feeding has grown hugely in popularity over the past few years. The additional nutritional intake from dogs ingesting food which has not been cooked is clear to see, and the RAW diet is as close to the ancestral canine diet as you can get in the market.

Eden Dry and Wet foods and supplements

If you decide that frozen RAW food is not an option for you, then we would recommend a holistic natural dog food which has characteristics similar to that of RAW. Eden foods offer a substantial range of whole prey grain free wet and dry foods with high meat content.



Bones and treats

It is important to give your dog healthy treats and bones for mental stimulation and for oral health. Chewing on treats such and fish skins, liver bites, and raw bones helps to keep teeth clean, and maintain jaw strength.