Pet Home Visits

If you do not want your dog to join us on a long walk, we can provide a dog home visit service (also known as a pop in!). This is a low cost service, and perfect for those dogs who are too young to join us on walks or at day care (less than 6 months old), and also older dogs who aren’t able to keep up with the pack. We will come to your house, let your dog outside, fill up their food and water bowls, and give them some TLC!


A perfect way to break up the day

Our dog home visit service lasts approximately 15 minutes, and we can schedule the service to fit around you. Don’t feel cheeky asking us to do other things during our dog home visits, we’re more than happy to pick up your post, water the plants, and feed the fish!


Perfect for your pup

Pop ins are a great way for your new four legged family member to get to know our team before they are ready for big school! One of our qualified Happy Hounders will play with your new pup, stimulating their inquisitive minds and keep those tails wagging!